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The Advantages of Using Bulk SMS Services

The usage of SMS as a marketing platform has increased at an extremely profitable and large scale. Despite the number of messaging applications currently in use just a handful of them are able to provide the advantages from SMS advertising. Many users still choose to utilize text messaging for communication to a company. Smartphones are thought to be to be the most efficient gadget. SMS is the used method of communication by at around 48% of customers.

However, when text messaging is integrated into an advertiser’s marketing and outreach There are numerous benefits waiting to be uncovered.

One of the most effective methods of using text messages for business is to use 2 Way Bulk SMS. In short the advantages of bulk SMS remain relevant in light of the fact that social distancing enforced across the globe has made individuals more connected to their mobile phones to keep up on the latest happenings and stay connected.

With the word “bulk,” this feature lets you join with several leads at one step.

What is 2-Way Bulk Text?

2-Way Bulk SMS allows you to send messages to and from hundreds of individuals at once via a web-based platform which uses API. Your customers can contact you via simple keywords through an SMS short code or a long code. As a result, you are able to respond to these messages via your computer or any phone application which utilizes the system.

With regards to large-scale SMS in business applications, the ability of contacting clients as well as potential buyers in bulk can be an effective in getting your message to your intended audience, particularly when you are limited in resources or personnel to implement your marketing strategies. The additional benefit of receiving responses directly (and immediately) from your recipients can increase the chance of rapid sales and repeat business, as well as increased conversion.
Why should you use 2 Way Bulk SMS?

2-Way Bulk SMS is the fastest solution to customer issues. By using a single word, you can determine what they require and provide them with a satisfactory response. Additionally, you are promoting convenience and practicality of your users. The past was when users were required to contact companies via telephone calls or mail and both of these methods were long and ineffective to inquiries and concerns that demanded immediate attention.

The possibilities are endless once you realize the benefits of two-way communication for improving B2C relationships and increasing the reach of your business. Here are a few of the greatest benefits you could reap by using 2-Way Bulk SMS

1. 97 percent Read Rate

One of the greatest benefits of marketing via bulk SMS is the typical time that SMS messages are read and opened. SMS messages are able to have better read rate than emails as well as other forms of communication. SMS is able to achieve a 97% of its read-through rate inside the first 4 minutes after receiving it, as opposed to the 20 percent rate of reading emails in a forty-eight-hour period. Imagine the huge number of potential customers you could reach and convince to test your product within a matter of minutes. This will save you a huge amount of energy and time you normally expend through traditional marketing strategies. In addition you’ll have greater odds of receiving an answer or engaging with your target audience. A confirmed forty-five percentage response rate on SMS guarantees that you’re not wasting money in the process.

2. Practical and budget-friendly

In comparison to other forms that are used for marketing SMS campaign have less cost of setup and operating. Also, the return on investment is greater because you’re working with people who are your current customers or have given you their contact information to receive marketing messages. These people are much more inclined to purchase your services or purchase your products when they are notified about promotions or sales or even new products. The decreased spending associated with SMS allows you to keep an open and constant contact with your customers and new customers. If there’s a single factor that has allowed businesses to achieve success, it’s regular communication with customers, and taking a warm approach that lets customers know that the brand is still thriving and offering its services.

3. Simple and reliable

There are many companies offering 2 Method Bulk SMS apps that allow you to read, answer to, and even track the messages you receive and send. There are interfaces accessible on both the smartphones and the web. There is no need for any special technology or software to run the interface or send your message similar to how text messaging is a feature that’s a standard in your clients every day routine. Easy, quick and easy.

4. Better Communication with Customers

Maintaining the right relationship with clients is a challenge that not all companies can do. For some, it can turn out to be hit or miss. It could be that the words they choose to use for promotion aren’t in the right order, do not resonate sufficiently with the intended audience or are not effective enough. Others companies that struggle with this issue may use the wrong kind of channel for communication and producing very few responses.

One of the amazing bulk SMS marketing advantages is it allows you to personalize your messages, draw customer interest and then keep it. Text messages are casual or relaxed, not intrusive and available to millions of people around the world. As we mentioned the read rates of text messages is extremely high. Your customers can quickly see what you have planned for them. And, not only that they won’t be required to pay for information or making calls, if they are at all interested.

The recipient can respond with the wording you used in the message , and are able to get additional information instantly. In addition, you are able to modify your messages according to the area or population you’re targeting or even the customer’s prior purchase habits. It is much easier to sell to a customer who is already a client as opposed to gaining new ones. This means that enhancing trust of your customers by directly targeting them and providing a personal touch your marketing campaigns increases the chance of converting and retention.

5. Quick and hassle-free

In spite of the constantly evolving advertising trends SMS is one that has been remarkably constant and flexible all through. It’s an easy and instant sending of text messages. Utilizing 2-Way Bulk Text You can send a message to hundred customers in a matter of minutes. It is possible to upsell additional products and even turn leads into sales without stressing out your support and marketing personnel.

Also, you have the option to make use of the convenience of SMS for different purposes including enhancing your customer support. Establish a 24 hour correspondence, or get answers to questions regarding your products and services automatically sent via SMS. In this way, you can cut the time that you have to spend on answering repetitive and simple questions about your business , and you’ll be able to let your staff members concentrate on more important issues that affect your customers.

With new ways to market your business emerging each year, you must keep up to date but it’s not always simple. SMS is definitely in the future and has been proven to work.

6. Proactive Customers

Whatever size, every company could benefit from the assistance of their clients. Because 2-Way SMS allows recipients to respond directly to businesses, it bridges the gaps between these two. The more customers have the opportunity to connect with brands that they like and trust, the more likely they will be to be willing to participate on future campaigns and initiatives to support the business.

When the involvement of customers is recognized and increased, your customers feel more important and appreciated, which increases the loyalty of your company. From sending out surveys and reaching out to every of your customers to inquire about their experiences with your services and products and adds weight on the purchasing decision as well as the brands that customers decide to buy from.

7. A great and easy source of information

You may have discovered that SMS is a great instrument for reviewing customer feedback and enhancing your marketing strategies. You can record the feedback you’ve received from customers and then use them to determine whether there’s been any improvement in your relationships with them or if your strategy isn’t working.

SMS Marketing likewise lets you assess the success of each marketing strategy you employ. Find out which keywords are user-friendly and pertinent to what you want your brand to portray. Determine which kinds of promotions have greater and more swift response rates versus ones that hinder customer interaction and also interest. In addition you can conduct short surveys of your clients and find out what services, products and promotions they’re hoping to receive from your company in the near future.


In truth, there are many more benefits of bulk SMS marketing waiting to be discovered. The most important thing is to have a clear idea of the way you wish to expand your business, so you can integrate 2-way bulk SMS to meet your goals as well as your customers need.