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Online Fundraising saves you time & money

As the internet is becoming more a part of our everyday lives, it’s vital that nonprofit organizations keep up. Research shows the majority of people around the world prefer giving online, as well as online donations are increasing every year. It increased by 21% in 2020 and has grown by an average of 32% in the past three years! It means that donors are moving online , and that’s great for you! Here’s what you can get from the online world of fundraising:

Online Fundraising saves you time & money

Online fundraising incorporates automated processes to help you save time and money. Take a look at all the steps you need to follow when you receive an unpaid check and wait until the cheque is ready to arrive to you, then be patient for the check to be delivered, enter it into the database and then mail an acknowledgment note along with a tax-deductible receipt. Everything depends on you to complete everything.

Imagine a person donates online. The donation is entered automatically into your database, and an automatic thank-you and tax receipt is sent out without having to lift a finger. This is the great thing about online fundraising! The process is fully automated. There is no more manual entry into spreadsheets. This reduces overhead expenses and lets your business focus on achieving its goals.

You will get more accurate information and better reporting

Because online fundraising is a streamlined process, you will have instant access to your records. You can track in real-time the incoming funds and create reports that give you a complete information about how you’ve raised funds. Automating entry decreases the chance of human errors. You won’t have to worry about losing a zero or adding an extra zero while making contributions. A better set of data and reports will allow you to efficiently allocate funds to your projects.

Online Fundraising improves donor relationships

Giving online can reduce the the burden on those who donate and makes the procedure straightforward and simple for them.

Donors don’t need to worry any longer to find their checkbook, their envelope, or stamps to show their support for your organization. They can donate to your cause at the convenience at home or anyplace with their mobile phones.

Additionally, they receive a thank-you note and tax receipt on the spot. The relationship-building process begins at the time they donate. In addition to the donation however, you also get their contact informationso that you can begin to build relationships as soon as you receive their information.

Online fundraising expands your reach

The best fundraising platform allows anyone around the world who has access to internet the chance to participate in your cause. This lets you expand the number of donors you have. There is no longer a need to seeing your donors face-to-face or know their address in order to ask for their address (as as you would do when you mail direct mailers). In addition, with Crowdfunding as well as peer-to-peer raising funds (where your donors raise money for you) increasing in popularity providing the option of fundraising online is vital. The ability of your donors to raise money for you online implies they’re growing your donor base! While they are reaching out to their networks, you’re in the process of automatically entering donor information into your database, and sending thank-you notes and receipts for tax with little effort.