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Elemis Skincare Review

Being the skin-lovers us, it’s not a surprise that we’re looking to try the latest and most innovative products on the market. Although some lesser-known brands may introduce new products worthy of our love Some brands are staples, classics for you to call them–from the beginning. A prime example is Elemis.

The cult clean skincare brand has been in existence for a long time however, unless you have a lot of money to spend, a lot of budding beauty enthusiasts don’t know much about the brand other than the appearance of its labels. This is the case with luxurious products. But, if and the time comes to purchase products of the brand based in the UK Your old routine of skincare is bound to require a change. With dreamy cleansers and texture-perfecting products in a line that encourages collagen production, you can say that there are tons of gorgeous Elemis products that are eager to be found.

This is the reason we’re here today to present them to you, this moment.

Elemis Skincare

It was founded by Noella Gabriel Oriele Frank and Sean C. Harringon, in 1988.

Based in: London

Pricing Cost: $$$1 (most items are priced at $40 or over)

The most sought-after for spa-quality products that have “an aromatherapist’s heart and an artist’s soul, and a scientist’s dedication to the pursuit of results.”

The most popular product: Pro Collagen Marine Cream and Dynamic Resurfacing Face Pads Superfood Facial Oil

Interesting Facts: Elemis was awarded over 200 beauty and spa awards for its products.

Other Brands You’ll Like L’Occitane, Algenist and Tata Harper

Straight to the point: Elemis is one of the skincare brands worth looking into for your routine. Not just because their products look pretty however, they actually provide a lot of benefits for the skin and have for over 30 years.

One of the reasons these products so adored is their dedication to the health of your skin. In the end, if a component isn’t beneficial to the appearance of the skin, it will not be used in the company’s products.

“With an aim to provide Truth in Beauty, we began to offer professional skin care with active natural ingredients in exquisite textures and with proven results and introduced the market and its customers to a completely new concept of skincare wellness,” says co-founder and world chief executive Noella Gabriel. “Our customers have become more aware of this new concept thanks to a greater awareness and this is a key element of our Elemis process.”

That’s what’s great about Elemis When you begin using Elemis products, you begin to recognize how good-for-you ingredients can do to improve the appearance as well as feel of the skin.

“At Elemis we don’t believe in miracles. We believe in the power of the results we want,” Gabriel says, noting that as a company, Elemis is dedicated to developing high-quality skincare. They do this by creating its products on four fundamental principles.

Most important is your the health of your skin. “Our products help protect the unique microflora of your skin and fight everyday aggressors while encouraging an acid-rich, healthy mantle” Gabriel says. “Following your in-store or virtual consultation for your skin, your custom Elemis Skin Wellness Plan will be designed to improve the condition that your skin enjoys.”

Another reason to consider is that all products that make up Elemis’ Elemis brand portfolio have the results that have been proven. “Every new Elemis formula is tested thoroughly to ensure maximum effectiveness, and our potent active ingredients have been proven to deliver clinically validated outcomes,” Gabriel explains. “We believe in delivering results that are visible and feel both on the inside and out.”

The third reason is that the company focuses on making products that make you feel great, both physically and emotionally. “We would like our products to make you feel happy,” Gabriel says. “With the foundation of scent therapy, the products have been carefully crafted with natural scents and exquisite texture. The way we approach skincare at a holistic level. We believe in the ability to engage all of the senses in your skin’s wellness journey.”

Finally, the company insists on being completely transparent. “All the products we sell are designed and developed at the Elemis Innovation Hub here in London,” Gabriel adds. “We are proud to manufacture our products in England and use the highest standards of safety and quality.”

That brings us to the underlying concept of Elemis that is whole. While some skincare brands concentrate only on the appearance, Elemis hopes to instill positive feelings throughout the entire product the entire product, resulting in better skin and the overall beauty perspective.

With that thought in mind, along with the design of the products, some believe that Elemis is geared towards an older age group. In reality Elemis is appropriate for everyone of all ages, men females, women, and nonbinary individuals too. At all times, everybody is able to benefit from a complete and effective skincare regimen.

Therefore, with no further delay check out our top Elemis products.

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Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Welcome to the ultimate anti-aging face cream. This cream is water-based and infused with mimosa extract, which is anti-inflammatory (which does wonders to smooth skin) and the calming extract of roses, as well as the hydrating padina Pavonica (a brown algae which your skin goes crazy over). All together, these ingredients make this universally-beneficial cream a particular dream for folks with sensitive and reactive skin types. As someone who has skin that gets irritated when touched or even the slightest any hint of an ingredient that isn’t familiar to you I’m confident that this wrinkle-reducing cream will not be able to disappoint.

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Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30

While it’s amazing what this OG Marine Cream is, there’s something particularly wonderful regarding it’s SPF 30 variant. Namely, it goes that extra step in protecting your skin against UV damage while staying true to the key sensitive-skin-friendly ingredients in the original formulation. It also contains skin-firming chlorella and Ginkgo biloba, which gives it a boost in anti-aging.

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Dynamic Resurfacing Pads for Facials

Sometimes, the thought of performing several steps to improve your appearance is enough to cause you to consider skipping the entire process. Luckily, Elemis recognizes this and has come up with the pre-soaked Dynamic Skin Resurfacing Pads that work great for all types of skin. These pads for smoothing skin are loaded with a trio of enzymes, a gentle exfoliating lactic acids, and a probiotic ferment which helps improve the tone and radiance of your skin. The result? Amazingly smooth, almost poreless skin with time. Really, the best skin can be just a couple of swipes away using these fan-favorite pads. The jars come with 60 pads (though there’s one size that’s 14 pads, too).

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Superfood Facial Oil

The use of facial oils can be a challenge for certain skin types, especially those who have oily or acne-prone skin. However do not be fooled by the fact that applying an oil — this one specifically–can result in the most beautiful looking, even-looking skin. The reason is simple: first it’s loaded with superfood oils that are brimming with antioxidants as well as essential fatty acids and vitamin C. These three nutrients are able to help heal damaged skin (say for instance, the type of flare-ups that are frequent) and boost the texture, moisture and even tone. Furthermore, flaxseed oil, another highlight in the formulation–also helps to regulate moisture levels. Every time you apply it to your face, this facial oil to help moisturize your skin and help to balance the production of oil.

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Papaya Enzyme Peel

The word”peel” can make the product appear more frightening than it really is. If you’re familiar with the power of peels for your skin, the name alone might cause you to click “Add to Bag. This is the scoop It’s actually an exfoliator that rinses off. However, rather than creating skin peels in a unattractive, ugly way, it uses by microscopically removing dead skin cells to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin underneath. It’s completely gentle and more than 97% of the participants of the study conducted in 2016 with 123 subjects believed that it did its magic, without leaving any negative consequences in its wake. It’s a good thing even though it’s a chemical peel anyone who suffer from sensitive or hypersensitive skin types can take pleasure from the benefits.

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Superfood Facial Wash

Just like your internal organs benefit from regular consumption of superfoods and so will your skin. This is why Elemis introduced Superfood Facial Wash. It’s an everyday cleanser that is packed with a range of nutrient-rich superfoods like the extracts of kale and broccoli. Although anyone can benefit from the gel formulation but there’s no doubt people with dull skin are the most benefitted, since the primary goal of this cleanser is to create a natural glowing complexion.