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How To Arrange A Nordic Light Stick In Your Home

We are proud to present our Nordic LED Pole Light (also known as our Nordic Light Stick) is one of our most popular lights ever It’s not hard to see the reason.

Simple design, top-quality finish, and an amazing lighting effects all make this wall light something exceptional.

We’ve got the lights on now you have to decide – what are you planning to decorate it? What space do you want to install it in? Are you planning to install only one light, or mix several to create an installation for the wall?

Let’s look at a few examples!

Combining two Nordic LED Pole Lights in the living room

When you’re thinking about your living room lighting it is essential to look for a light fixture with character. The living room is the place where you spend most of your time at home, and you shouldn’t need a dull light in the wall that drains energy from the space.

You’re looking for a light that can enhance the mood! A light that improves your mood in the space simply by being in the right spot at the right moment. Do you feel the same?

It’s not easy for us to understand, but we’ll be able to recognize it once you’ve seen it. It’s safe to say we can see it in this Nordic LED Pole Light.

The secret to the design in the above image lies in the angles that the lights are set in the walls. It is best to have them about 130 degrees from each the other (I’ll provide the picture below to help you avoid looking for your old math kit to locate your protractor! ).

If you make a sharper angle higher than the one shown here (say 90 degrees, which is a right-angle) and it’s going to start to appear a little harsher on your wall, something that is almost military in nature, where everything is strictly controlled and needs to be flawless. It’s safe to conclude that this isn’t an environment you’d like to recreate in your living space!

In contrast, the 130-degree angle makes the appearance of the wall light fixture more serene and warmer, particularly when combined with the warm-emitting lights (more on this in the future).

Another thing you’ll notice about this light fixture is its usage of multiple sizes of Nordic light stick. We’ve paired the smaller 50cm model with the bigger 100cm version, because we believe it will create the ideal balance for the wall.

It would also work well with the model of 80cm in place of 100cm but it will depend on the dimensions of your living space and the amount of light that you’ll require this lighting fixture to give.

A single Nordic Light Source LED Pole Light in the living room

Or, if you believe that your living space only required one light to complete your design, you could opt for just single Nordic Lighting Stick.

If this is something you’re thinking about, we recommend placing the light in close proximity to the current fixture in your room such as a sofa, or coffee table. As you can see in this picture that we have put it to right of the couch.

The reason why we suggest this is that having only one light bulb in the wall can make it appear as if the wall isn’t complete.

It’s not a problem, it’s still a great look with an additional light source to even out the appearance You may feel the wall is missing something. It’s hard to explain, but you’d be able to tell when you saw it.

It is best to put it in the same space as the existing fixture in your living room and, instead of the light being considered an independent fixture, it’s viewed more as a light that enhances the already existing piece of furniture (in this instance, the furniture).

If this sounds like the way it would look in your living area We suggest installing the light in a way that is pointed straight up (as in the picture above). The majority of coffee tables are small in terms of width and, therefore, regardless of the size 50cm version that we offer in the Nordic Pole Light, if you install it sideways Pole Light you’re likely to see the light wider that the light fixture trying highlight if you place the light in a sideways position (I.e. facing the window or door).

A divide between two rooms

The final style concept we’ll discuss within this post is when you’d like to make use of the Nordic Stick Light as a partition between two rooms in your home.

As you can see in the picture above that there’s already an unnatural separation between the rooms due to the tiny wall that extends out. However, the addition of any or the Nordic LED Pole Lighting to this particular section of wall is stunning.

Another thing to consider in this particular design can be that this light is set up with the light facing the floor, which means that the base located closer to the top. This is as effective as having the base close to lower (i.e. with the light directed toward the ceiling) It’s all dependent on your preference!

I hope this article can assist you to design concepts to design the Nordic LED Pole Light.