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What Does a Gamer Look Like?

With millions of followers using social networks, gamer have taken their game to the next level and have incorporated streetwear, luxury and even cosplay in their outfits.

Video games became mainstream years ago, but now gamers are much more popular than celebrities, with millions of fans on the internet. This implies that, in addition, those days when gamers sporting large T-shirts and jorts are now a thing of the past. Esports players and streamers alike are now dressed with modern style and opulent aesthetics.

It’s a blend of brand-name luxury, Korean streetwear, video game fantasies as well as Japanese “kawaii” fashion.

The major brands have noticed. Tyler Blevins, the mega-popular video game streamer dubbed Ninja was signed to a deal with Adidas and unveiled an exclusive collection of “night Joggers” which were sold out almost immediately. Gucci collaborated with London Esports team Fnatic for a dive watch. Louis Vuitton teamed up with League of Legends, the most played esport in the world, to launch limited edition capsules as well as shirts. The designer Jeff Staple, often credited for launching the collectible sneakers revolution, teamed up in conjunction with overwatch league Overwatch League on a line of jerseys.

“I think that as fashion was on the rise gaming culture was increasing,” Mr. Staple added. “In 2018 when Overwatch League first reached out to gamers, the paths crossed.”

Gaming accessories also add style. People can be seen sporting big headphones, with keyboards sticking in their backs. HyperX produces a popular line of headsets for gaming. The brand’s ambassadors include artist Post Malone, JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Daigo Umehara who is the Street Fighter champ.

For their fans, players wear many different styles such as a team-branded hoodie to camo jackets to Pokemon costumes. Three players were interviewed about their thoughts on their appearance. They are an influencer, a professional gamer , and an amateur.

Imane Anys

The 24 year old Twitch streamer dubbed Pokimane is followed by more than seven million people on the streaming platform. Her style is a mix of fashion, comfort, and cute streetwear.

I have seen a lot of streamers and esports players dyeing their hair with non-natural shades. Why?

Whatever it is, whether it’s your hair or other accessories, it will become part of your image and it is in essence, an emblem to the person you are. For instance, Ninja is the blue hair. It’s for me, it’s sort of curly, wavy brown hair, and I wear headphones almost all the time.

With regards to accessories, what are you wear to you stream?

It’s all about the type of accessories you do not want to wear. For instance, I discovered that I don’t typically wear a lot of earrings or bracelets because they interfere with your headset, and they can cause some pain. Additionally, bracelets are a nuisance to the armrests in your chair for gaming.

Streetwear is a huge hit in esports and gaming circles. Why?

It’s still something you are comfortable wearing. It can be dressed sort of of down. The comfort aspect is crucial when you’re in a chair for more than six hours in your computer chair.

What streetwear brands are currently sporting?

I am a fan of Prix. I’ve always enjoyed a elegant athleisure, when you think of Adidas or Nike as streetwear. One of my most favorite stores is Maniere De See.

Do women who stream to appear attractive, and is that in conflict with the comfort?

I believe that’s because no brands are specifically targeting this -clothing that is comfortable to walk or sit around in, athleisure seems to be the style people gravitate to because there’s no other option. Adidas, Nike and especially Lululemon.

When shopping for gaming clothing, make sure you visit

With Twitch having a majority male user base There is a growing desire to dress in sexier clothes? Are they in conflict with your less revealing style as well? How do you manage this?

I believe there’s a need to both be truthful. There are some who request you to wear more visible clothing however, should you choose to do so wear revealing clothing, people are likely to make rude comments. I’ve discovered that it’s better to do what you’d like to do and wear the way that you feel comfortable.

What has the pandemic done to your appearance?

At first, quarantine didn’t affect my style as much because I’ve always been at home working. Recently, I’ve started looking for pieces that I would normally save for special occasions and then wear them at home to add a little spice and use them until I’m able to leave.

Thomas Paparatto

He is known as ZooMaa. He has been a pro Call of Duty League player for the New York Subliners, part of the Andbox Esports group that houses an apparel design arm. This month, he announced the team would withdraw from playing due to persistent wrist pain, but the stream will continue.

What do you wear here?

I wore one of the pieces from my wardrobe, which is the hoodie. I put on some jeans and white shoes to complete the look. I’m a simple man with regards to clothing.

What was your intention with this collection?

I was just looking for something nice that anyone could wear in public regardless of what their age. I wanted something people could wear to school and doesn’t shout “gamer.”

What exactly do you mean by “scream gamer”?

Maybe a team’s name. Perhaps a collection of jerseys sponsored by sponsors, or things similar to that. I wanted something different, as a normal outfit one are able to wear to work, wear to school or at work.

Do you think there is anything wrong when you wear clothing that screams “gamer”?

Absolutely certainly not. For me, it’s because that not everyone is knowledgeable about gaming, and I think that having something that is more adaptable for anyone to wear would be a great idea. However, I’m definitely a gamer and would appreciate a hint of gaming flair to it.

What are the elements that go into the clothing of gamers?

Hand warmers are an important issue. Also, having a nice hoodie or pockets that are like this can help make your hands feel warm between games.

Why are hand warmers essential?

The stadiums are always cold. This is why making sure you have hand warmers available or just holding them between matches, keeps your hands comfortable and warm.

You own a custom PlayStation 4 controller made by Scuf Gaming. Discuss the benefits of having a customized controller.

It’s a feeling of comfort. They’ll do small things to can improve your gaming. They offer you solid control over controllers. They have smart triggers and bumpers. Which I believe is the most crucial feature. They’re also more responsive than a standard controller.

Nathan Truong

The gamer of 20 and the upcoming Twitch streamer from San Jose, Calif. is known as Nate.

Make sure you explain your look with your camo-colored jacket.

I chose to purchase the jacket because it’s a more unique, but not too flashy. I generally don’t dress in many different prints of color, but I believe camouflage is a style that isn’t really seen frequently nowadays.

What are these necklaces?

One, a skull while the other is the pendant of the Lion. They add a touch of glam to what you’re wearing, and they bring a unique look to your attire. I believe one with specific styles is an esports logo, Houston Outlaws.

And what about you have the remaining collection?

Starting with the shoes my shoe is my Adidas Yeezy Boost Pirate Black. They really make a statement. It’s not difficult to tell since they’re all black along with the Levi’s Original Fit jeans for men.

It’s HyperX headphones and HyperX has secured endorsement agreements with some of the biggest gamers and athletes. Was that the reason you picked HyperX headphones?

I’m thinking HyperX produces a variety of audio equipment with higher quality and more comfort along with a more modern look.

What’s the issue with the keyboard you’re using?

The keyboard is one of the Ducky One 2 Mini. It’s a 60% keyboard, which means it is typically smaller than other keyboards. Additionally, it has less keys. The Arrow keys are actually as the I, J as well as the L key. I took a ride on the hype train, where the character Tfue had been using the keyboard. It was cool.

As you increase your profile, you earn more authority. With clout comes higher level of adherence to your image and your brand. What role does fashion play in the whole thing?

With clout, you get more people watching your profile, which means you’re many people adoring your. If you’re not a fan of style, you’ll appear something like an geek. However this can change how people perceive you. It causes them to decide if you’re fashionable or not.

What has changed in your fashion since the lockdown?

Since being quarantined, I’ve gone for a more relaxed look, but with the skater look. The best part about this style of dressing can be that it does not need to cost a lot. In the current climate of most stores being closed and being inside for the majority all the time you have plenty of opportunities to shop on the internet.