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The economics of Stourbridge van hire

If you’re a small business owner that has an item or service needing you to be moved around frequently, then you’ve likely thought of purchasing an SUV, or perhaps an entire fleet in the event that you are part of an even larger staff. Maybe it’s already in your possession, and might be thinking about upgrading or replacing it. Before doing anything else be sure to read this article!

There are advantages to owning a fleet of vehicles or vans in full however do they outweigh the disadvantages? Have you considered the possibility of hiring out a fleet or van might be more profitable for your business or for yourself? In this month’s issue, we will explore the benefits to aid you in making the right choice for your business.

The economics of van rental

The purchase of a brand-new car as well as a van fleet will appear great on your financial statement, and you may even receive tax breaks from the government. But, on the flip side, you’ve spent a significant amount of money you’ll not be able to recover fully, since depreciation begins the moment you leave the forecourt. The value that vans will have in the future is also uncertain.

If you are buying a car it is also necessary to account for all the expenses related to managing the vehicle: road tax as well as insurance, breakdown insurance MOTs, servicing and repairs. If you plan to frequently travel into Central London in a non-compliant vehicle, you’ll be charged an Ultra-Low Emission Zone fee as well as the congestion charge. In no time you know, the costs have risen to a significant amount of cash.

The option of van hire Stourbridge will free the need to pay to cover these expenses, allowing you to carry your commercial items from A to B with just the trip to consider! For a financial reward If you lease an automobile solely for business purposes, you can take back your VAT, and lease fees could be tax-deductible.

Reliability of the vehicle

In this day and age, and with a recession on the horizon, nothing is to be said to be certain. Renting the vehicle you need for your business can provide the security you require and freedom from the need to make any commitment. This way, the added stress of the cost that are associated with maintaining your vehicle can be taken care of. This responsibility is transferred to the company that hires you, as it’s in their interest to have up-to-date and reliable vehicles for their customers. A lot of hire firms, including us and many others, also offer breakdown solutions to cut down on the amount of time you are searching for a way to get where you’re going to need to go in the event of an emergency arise.

If you’re in need of it, it’s there.

After the COVID-19 outbreak motoring has been impacted by a shortage of solenoid. Without any current information on the time when this shortage will be over and the possibility of purchasing new cars will get more difficult. In the present we could be looking at waiting between 12 to 18 months before purchasing a new vehicle. If you’d like it to be either long-term or short-term, a van rental is a great option for your transportation needs.

As flexible as you can be

Van hire offers you the greatest flexibility when you require it. Are you looking for a larger van to accommodate a bigger project? Are you looking to scale back your van during less busy times or speed up the growth after securing the contract? It’s not difficult but it’s also easy. This also gives you with the chance to drive in more modern and efficient vehicles, without needing to trade or sell the van you bought.