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How to choose handles for your kitchen

When it comes to choosing the best knobs for the kitchen you have, it could be a challenging job. There are many options there, but selecting the perfect knobs will make the perfect finishing touch to an amazing kitchen. Imagine a kitchen with no cabinet hardware. How would it appear? It’s going to look unfinished and lacking.

If you prefer a simple yet clean appearance, then put in knobs for your kitchen. If you’re looking for an informal appearance with a more casual style, then square or round knobs are ideal. Knobs that are more elaborate can enhance traditional spaces. But, handles and bars have more visual impact and are often referred to pulls.

If you’re unable to decide what you want or what to choose, you can mix pulls and knobs to create your personal style. Install pulls or bars onto drawers that weigh more to pull. Then, install the knobs on doors to cabinets. In this way, you can choose knobs and handles for cabinet pulls or any combination of them to give a personalized design for your kitchen.

Pull handles are installed quickly and will require more than one screw. The majority of pulls require two screws. In general, the selection of pulls is large and vast, which includes Bar Handles, Cross Bar Handles, Cabinet Handles, D Handles, Bow Handles, Flat Handles, Flush Handles, Pull Handles, Finger Pull Handles and more.

Cabinets with Bead-board

Beadboard cabinets have the feel of a homey, which perfectly blends together with the cup pulls. Because they offer more information to look at, easy and straightforward hardware will work perfectly.

Flat Panelled Cabinets

Cabinets with flat panels are commonly found in contemporary kitchens. They are adorned with simple accessories to keep the focus of the attention in natural material. Simple hardware pieces are ideal for bars made of stainless steel. You can opt for an open bar pull for those who prefer the square edges. A recessed pull can give an array of choices that are ideal for kitchens with many traffic. To achieve an uncluttered style, you’ll have think about tab pulls that are discrete for flat panel cabinets.

Cabinet Handles – Metal Construction:

If you’re looking for something smooth, sleek and elegant that is elegant, smooth and sophisticated, then pick cabinet handles with a metal construction. Metal handles for kitchen drawers and cabinets are available in a variety designs like matte black, brass nickel, white satin as well as rose gold. The metal handles will appear stunning, particularly, when used with dark cabinets.

Handles – Natural Timber Construction:

Cabinet pull handles made of solid timber are making a comeback. The architectural hardware made of timber is elegant, simple and practical. When you use natural timber it comes in a range of sizes, shapes , and shades. Natural timber gives a feeling of rustic living and each handle is unique which adds personality and character to your space. Furthermore, colored handles are an excellent method to add a little of character to your space. the collection includes something to all.


Knobs are an essential cabinet hardware that is used for kitchen cabinets as well as drawers, and are easily substituted. By using a single screw knobs can be fitted to cabinets. Knobs can be found in various sizes, shapes and colors and are constructed from diverse materials, including zinc, stainless steel, ceramic, stone, brass marble, and so on.

Shaker-style cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets are a favored style of cabinet, providing huge flexibility with their style and design. They are compatible with knobs for cups and bins. Shaker cabinets feature sleek lines and are renowned for their minimalist design and therefore, basic hardware like round knobs are frequently utilized. Traditional steel knobs or nickel along with ceramic or old glass knobs can be often employed.

Louvered Style Cabinets

Knobs work well with louvered cabinet styles and are extensively employed. Louvered cabinets have more details than a regular simple cabinet. There’s more to look at, which is why louvered cabinets require more focus which is why many choose classic or simple knobs that blend with the cabinets.

Final Words

The styles of cabinets mentioned here are merely a couple of random choices to provide you with an idea of the times when pull handles are suitable and when knobs can be the best choice for kitchen furniture. We hope that this piece of advice will allow you make a more informed decision when it comes to buying pull handles and knobs for your kitchen’s design.