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Why Add A Google Map to Your Website?

You can add an Google maps of the location of your company, its location and reviews on your site. The map will display an Google pin along with a picture of your location and address, reviews, review stars, directions and more. If it is embedded properly the map could be an excellent option for your site. It’s a tool which will allow visitors to your site to see a complete picture of your company in just a few seconds. Here’s an example of how it appears like:

The addition of the Google Map to your site is a straightforward process that requires no technical expertise, and requires only one minor piece of code by inserting a Google Maps iframe into your website. It is suitable for people with a basic or intermediate skills in HTML and familiarity with JavaScript. If you have an WordPress website including the Google maps to the site is simple.

Why should you add a Google Map to Your Website?

There are a number of primary reasons to include an Google map on your site:

It assists customers or site visitors find directions to your location and eliminates the process that involve opening another window in a browser or leaving your website and then figuring out directions. Customers are able to simply access the map available on your website.

Your contact information for your business is readily available. The information that embedded Google Map provides is your company’s address, your phone number, web address directions, reviews and stars for reviews.

A Google map will highlight areas of interest nearby such as parking spaces theatres, restaurants parks, etc. People can refer to nearby areas when they’re not certain of where your business is.

The Map will also keep users on your website for a longer time.

How can I embed the Google Map on my Website?

These are steps you need to follow to add the Google Map to your website:

Open Google Maps

Input the name of the business or address in the Search Bar located in the upper left

If the business has been created with customers, you will see an option to share under”business name”. company. Select “Share”.

You will get a brand new window that allows you to send the map. Choose “Embed an Map”.

Decide on the dimensions of the map you would like to display on your website. There are three options “Small Large, Medium The Custom Size”.

Take the HTML code, which is an Iframe

Go to the page that you wish to place the Map on.

Copy the HTML code into your “text” Version of the website on the page where you wish the Map to be displayed.

Maps FAQ Google Maps FAQ

Are maps created with Google Maps embedded map free?

Yes, the map embedding is completely free. Simply copy and paste the